Assignment – WordPress Site #2

Use the list of tasks below to complete the assignment using the Mindset website we created in class.

The assignment is worth a total of 30 points.

Day 3 Tasks

Day 3, Task 1 — (3 points)

  • Add a new Menu Location: Social Menu
  • Create a Menu and display it in the footer.
  • Custom links can be: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Day 4 Tasks

Day 4, Task 1 — (4 points)

  • Add two advanced custom fields to the About page: a WYSIWYG editor with the Basic toolbar and an Image with a return value of ID.
  • Display the content of the WYSIWYG field on the About page.
  • Display the medium size image on the About page.
  • BONUS: Check wp_get_attachment_image() to see how to add a class to the image. Use the class name ‘alignleft’ to replicate the layout below.

Day 4, Task 2 — (3 points)

  • Add a Textarea field to the Contact Page to display an address.
  • Display the content of the Textarea field on the Contact page.
  • Display the content of the Textarea field also in the footer if it is not the Contact Page.

Day 5 Tasks

Day 5, Task 1 — (4 points)

  • Create a new CPT for Partners and add support for only the title.
  • Create an Advanced Custom Field for a website link (URL field).
  • Add at least 4 Partners with the links to their website.
  • Display the links to their websites on the Partners Archive page.

Day 5, Task 2 — (2 points)

  • Add an in-page (anchor) navigation to each Service CPT on the Our Services page.

Day 5, Bonus Task 1 — (Optional, no points)

  • Display selected Works on the home page using the ACF Relationship field.

Day 5, Bonus Task 2 — (Optional, no points)

  • Complete the Optional Exercise for the Job Postings CPT.

Day 6 Tasks

Day 6, Task 1 — (3 points)

  • Add a random Testimonial into the sidebar.
  • Place the code into a separate file and include it into the sidebar.

Day 6, Task 2 — (4 points)

  • Register a taxonomy for Partners CPT.
  • Add at least two taxonomy terms and assign the terms to Partner posts.
  • Display the posts organized by term on the Partners Archive page. Try using the alternative syntax!
  • BONUS: Display the terms and the posts dynamically by combining the get_terms() function with WP_Query().

Day 7 Tasks

Day 7, Task 1 — (2 points)

  • Add a Scroll to Top feature to the Mindset site. You can write one yourself, find one on the internet, or follow this one.

Day 7, Task 2 — (2 points)

  • Add a second Google Font to the theme to use for heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.).
  • Edit the existing wp_enqueue_style() to use a single URL to add both Google Fonts.

Day 7, Bonus Task — (Optional, no points)

  • Add a Custom Logo to the header of the Mindset site.
  • Use the provided logo or one of your choosing.
  • Update the add_theme_support( ‘custom_logo’ ) code in functions.php and/or add code to style.css to make the logo fit in the header.

Final Tasks

Styling — (3 points)

  • Style the website according to the Mindset Demo site or your own design.
  • Make the website responsive and functional from mobile to desktop using a mobile-first approach.
  • Do not forget to do the following:
    • Home page and Work archive page should have a minimum of two layouts for content: mobile and desktop
    • Remove the sidebar and the space for the sidebar on the following pages: Home, About, Work (archive and single)
    • Style the in-page navigation on the Services page
    • Style the info box for the relevant Blog post(s)

Create a WordPress User

  • Create a WordPress user with the role of Administrator, the username and a generated password. You will send Jonathon this password when submitting your assignment.

Migrate the Site

  • Once all other tasks have been completed, migrate your local site to the live site on your portfolio server.
  • Reminder: You will need to create a WordPress installation on your portfolio server and then follow the steps from Day 2 for migrating.

Submit the Assignment

  • Send a Slack message to Jonathon with the site URL and the generated password for the user account.
  • Due: September 28 (EOD)