Assignment – WordPress Site #1

Use the list of tasks below to complete the assignment using the Vancouver website we created in class.

The assignment is worth a total of 10 points.

Day 1 Tasks

Configure WordPress — (2 points)

  • Change or remove the Tagline
  • Change the Timezone
  • Change the homepage to display a static page
  • Set the blog index to a separate page
  • Change the Permalinks structure to Post name

Add Content to WordPress — (5 points)

Post — Libraries and Museums

  • Include a link.
  • Include an image block using the Medium size and Align left.
  • Include a quote block.
  • Make the post a Sticky post.

Post — Visual Art

  • Include the following blocks: Cover Image, Gallery, Flickr Embed, YouTube Embed

Post — Vancouver Politics

Posts — Categories & Tags

  • Create a Category of Vancouver with two child categories: Architecture and Cultural.
  • Apply these Categories to the relevant posts.
  • Set Vancouver as the Default Category in the Settings.
  • Add at least two tags to each post.

Posts — Featured Images

  • Add a different Featured Image for each post.


  • Create three pages: Geography, Ecology, Climate.
  • Make Geography the Parent page of Ecology and Climate.
  • Set the Homepage title to Welcome to Vancouver, the Page Template to Cover Template and set a Featured Image.


  • Set the Site Icon (favicon).
  • Customize the design using the Colors and Cover Template Options.


  • Create a navigation menu for the header with the same links and structure as the demo site.
  • Create a social media menu for the footer.


  • In the two provided widget areas of the theme, add widgets relevant to the site.

Day 2 Tasks

Add WordPress Plugins — (2 points)

  • Deactivate the Contact Form 7 plugin and remove the shortcode from the Contact page. Install and activate a different contact form plugin. Create a contact form and display it on the Contact page.
  • Install at least 4 additional plugins on your WordPress site. Some ideas of features to search for when looking for plugins:
    • Custom Blocks
    • Under Construction
    • Social Media
    • Analytics
    • Security
    • Custom Login
    • Caching
    • Image Optimization
    • Backups
    • Anything else you feel would be useful…
  • Create a Plugins page and list each plugin you selected with a link to the plugin and one short paragraph describing the plugin, what you did to make it work, why it is useful, and any challenges you had using it.
  • Optional: If you wish to add links to the Contact and Plugins pages on the front end, you can add them to your header navigation menu or use the Twenty Twenty theme’s footer menu.

Select a WordPress Theme — (1 point)

  • Install and activate another WordPress theme from the theme directory. Check the options available in the Customizer and make some customizations.

Create a WordPress User

  • Create a WordPress user with the role of Administrator, the username and a generated password. You will send Jonathon this password when submitting your assignment.

Migrate the Site

  • Once all other tasks have been completed, migrate your local site to the live site on your portfolio server.

Submit the Assignment

  • Send a Slack message to Jonathon with the site URL and the generated password for the user account.
  • No need to place it on your Landing Page.
  • Due: September 10 (EOD)