WordPress Module Outline

Module Outline (PDF)

Module Purpose

Students will learn the fundamentals of dynamic websites and how they are used to create a Content Management System (CMS). To prepare them for careers as front end web developers, students will learn how to work with WordPress, the dominant Content Management System on the web, to build websites. The module will begin with students learning how to create, configure, and migrate WordPress websites. Once students have understood the basic features of WordPress, the module will move on to more advanced topics including the creation of WordPress themes. At the end of the module students will create a development plan for a mock client website to prepare them for their Capstone Project.

Module Goals

After completing this module, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between a static website, dynamic website and CMS
  • Create, configure, and customize WordPress websites
  • Migrate WordPress websites between both local and live servers
  • Create WordPress custom themes
  • Create Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Write WP_Query’s to customize content output
  • Use the Template Hierarchy chart to create and edit template files
  • Build a WordPress development plan from a website requirement list
  • Create online stores with WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin

Module Format

This 84-hour module is delivered over 14 days and consists of instruction mixed with in-class assignments and supervised lab time. The lab time is to be used to complete the assignments and to explore WordPress.

Module Resources

Module materials will be provided in electronic format on the Program FTP server or on the WordPress module website: https://wp.bcitwebdeveloper.ca/

Additional resources: 

Module Schedule

Click here to see the full Module Schedule.

Module Evaluation

Students will be assessed throughout the module through the following assignments:

WordPress Site #1 (Vancouver)10%
WordPress Site #2 (Mindset)30%
WordPress Site #3 (School)40%
WordPress Site #4 (WooCommerce)10%
Development Plan10%

Module Policies

Late Assignment Policy

Assignments are subject to a daily 5% penalty up to a maximum of 30% unless an extension was asked for and granted prior to the due date of the assignment.

Passing Grade

Module passing grade is 50%. Course passing grade is 65%.


BCIT assumes that all students attending the Institute will follow a high standard of ethics. Incidents of cheating or plagiarism may, therefore, result in a grade of zero for the assignment, quiz, test, exam, or project for all parties involved and/or expulsion from the course.